I Moved to Florida!

I recently moved from New Jersey to Florida, hoping to find new opportunities. I’d begun my career as a tilesetter, and me and my partner had our own business. Unfortunately, work soon dried up due to the recession, as homeowners simply couldn’t afford to purchase the high end tiles that my company offered.

Discouraged, my partner eventually decided to abandon tilesetting to open her own small electronics store in Florida, while I’d pursue a career of writing and promoting small businesses. We choose Fort Lauderdale, as the region has many services and amenities, plus a large population which could be a potential customer base.

We packed up our U-Haul rental trailer and drove down through the country to Fort Lauderdale. It took us a week, as we wanted to stop and see the sights along the way. I found a rental for us online, and was surprised to find how affordable it was. We managed to score a three bedroom condo with two bathrooms—perfect for an office for each of us.

We had to considerably downsize from a large house to a condo, but that was alright—we sold most of our stuff on Craigslist, particularly the tile stock we accumulated over the years. In fact, we made a good profit.

Two weeks after the boxes were unpacked, she was looking at space in the local Sawgrass Mills Mall. This is a tourist attraction in itself, with over 350 shops, businesses and restaurants.

I decided to start blogging after we moved to Florida. I haven’t quite figured out the topic yet, so I’m testing the waters by describing how perfect Florida is.

There are many cities where the pace of life is so hectic. New York, London, and Vancouver come to mind. And then there are places like Fort Lauderdale. Here you can catch your breath. No one faults you if all you want to do is sit by the pool all day, sipping an ice cold beverage and reading Sports Illustrated.

But after you tire of that, there are a ton of things to do in this state. There is Disneyland, Epcot Center, Harry Potter World, Universal Studios, and Kennedy Space Center for the main attractions. There are also lesser-known attractions such as Coral Castle, the Holy Land Experience, and the Everglades. There are also the attractions to the south side of Florida, such as the Florida Keys, and Miami Beach.

Miami is also about a one hour drive away from Fort Lauderdale. There are buses that travel the route so you can leave your car behind and save on parking. It’s easy to spend the day at South Beach and then browse the boutiques along Lincoln Road, before taking a break at one of the many restaurants in the area. We did this within our first week in Florida, and decided to take a cab back home. It was expensive, but it was a hot day and we wanted to enjoy some alcoholic tropical beverages.

Miami is also cruise ship central, offering hundreds of cruises to tropical east Caribbean locations throughout the hot season. We’ll eventually do this after we’ve settled into our Florida home.

Florida also has delicious local fresh fruit and vegetables that taste way better than what we got in New Jersey. I guess produce gets stale in the long transport from Florida to there.

Now that I’m unpacked, I’m just learning all there is to know about Florida. I’m going to enjoy blogging from the comfort of my air conditioned office, or from the luxury of a comfortable lounger at the outdoor pool.